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Summary: The Vladivostok Office is part of the Russian Practice Group of Russin & Vecchi which provides advice on Russian law through attorneys located in offices in Moscow, Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Washington, D.C. Russin & Vecchi was one of the first international firms to open in Russia (1991), and we offer comprehensive corporate and commercial legal services relating to all areas of Russian law at the federal, regional, oblast, krai and municipal levels. The Russian Practice Group offices are linked by the most advanced communications equipment. Click here for additional information on the Russian Practice Group.

The Vladivostok Office advises on all areas of commercial activity including specialized knowledge of maritime and admiralty law.

Attorneys: Jonathan Russin is the founder of the firm. The company is headed by Managing Partner and Executive Director Sergei L. Lazarev. The Group offices are staffed with attorneys trained both locally and in leading universities throughout the world. English is the common language, and all attorneys are bilingual. Click for Vladivostok attorneys.

Legal Services: Russin & Vecchi is the only international law firm that maintains a full time presence in the Russian Far East. Vladivostok Office attorneys work closely with Russian Practice Group lawyers in Moscow and Washington D.C. to provide comprehensive and coordinated advice for clients faced with both federal and regional/local concerns. Russin Practice Group clients expect and demand sensible advice and workable solutions in a difficult legal environment, and the Vladivostok Office takes pride in meeting these requirements with in-depth knowledge of local law, practice and institutions.

The Russin Practice Group’s Vladivostok Office advises on all areas of commercial activity including:

  • maritime and admiralty law
  • corporate formation, licensing, franchising and foreign investments
  • registration and accreditation of foreign legal entities
  • shareholder agreements, mergers and acquisitions
  • bankruptcy and corporate reorganization
  • arbitration and litigation
  • intellectual property
  • international trade and anti-dumping
  • administrative law
  • labor law
  • tax law
  • securities law
  • banking law
  • unfair competition and anti-trust



Sukhanova Street, 6V, Suite 1
Vladivostok, 690091 Russia
T: 7-4232-43-30-33; 43-23-00
F: 7-4232-43-23-66